Universal Movable Type reference search

The following form enables you to search all movabletype.org domains with controls to allow you to narrow the scope of your search to only certain important sections.

Using the search form

Simply type you search into the search box above and select the scope within which you wish to search. You will be taken to a Google results page with only results that match the scope you chose.

If you find that you would like other scope options, drop me a line. I get a lot of email so please make sure to reference this page in your request so I know what you're talking about.

Using this search via a Firefox or Safari keyword

Although you can use the search form above, you can make searching easier by adding a Firefox keyword (you are using Firefox, right? Safari users can use Sogudi). To set this up:

  1. Set the dropdown to your preferred search term
  2. Right click in the search field and select "Add a keyword for this search...". (screenshot)
  3. Fill in the values accordingly and save. (screenshot)

Then in your address bar, you can type "KEYWORD QUERY" where KEYWORD is the keyword you chose and QUERY is a normal Google search query. In step 2 I chose "MT documentation" and in step 3 gave it the keyword "mtdocs" so typing "mtdocs count_words" in the address bar gives me the results from that search.

Embedding this search on your site

If you like, you can embed this search engine on any site or page you like with the following code:

However, some changes may be made in the future, so make sure to check back if it stops working or you want to grab the code for additional features added later.  

Special features for linking to this form

Since we do a lot of link-slapping in IRC, I've enhanced the form to make it even simpler to link to a particular search. To do so, use the following syntax:


where keyword is one of the following:

  • mtorg - Full search of movabletype.org and all subdomains
  • alldocs - MT documentation and wiki
  • docs - MT documentation only
  • wiki - wiki.movabletype.org only
  • irc - #movabletype IRC channel logs
  • plugins - plugins.movabletype.org
  • forums - forums.movabletype.org


July 25, 2011 2:13 PM

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