What We Can Do For You

We make web sites and build products. We value compelling user experiences, simplicity, and agile development practices. We like building things that work, on time and on budget. Just like you do.


  • Web Design - Endevver helps companies manage the process of designing and building web sites. We help companies find a design team that best matches their personality and aesthetic and then help manage the team and product through launch.
  • Blog and Social Media Strategy - Behind every successful social media campaign is not only a strong basis of technology, but also a clear communications strategy and plan that leverages that technology to the fullest. We help with both.
  • Javascript and Custom jQuery Development - We are expert javascript developers and can help your company create a finely tuned, intuitive and easy to use jQuery plugin that developers will love.
  • Product Design and Development - We are experienced product managers who know how to listen to a large number of constituents, articulate requirements, and communicate with engineers through the entire process of building web and mobile based products.

Movable Type

You will be hard pressed to find another company with more experience using and building web sites with Movable Type.

  • Themes - We don't just build "web sites." We build products. We therefore deliver to our customers well documented, easy to use, easy to maintain themes to publish their web sites.
  • Custom Plugins - We are one of the most experiences plugin development houses around. Let us extend your company into your users' content management systems. To get a sense of the range of things we can do and build for you, check out our extensive list of projects.
  • Performance Optimization - We have helped countless companies scale their infrastructure to meet the increasing demand their users place upon it. We also help customers make their systems scream again.
  • Movable Type System Architectures - We know how to make Movable Type perform and operate well cost effectively at any scale. The sites we build routinely exceed traffic of tens of millions page views per month.
  • Everything in between - When it comes to Movable Type, we have done and can do it all. If you have a Movable Type project, we are the best company to call.


July 25, 2011 2:13 PM

Google Sitemaps of all shapes and sizes

Recently a number of people in the Movable Type community asked questions relating to Google Sitemaps. Endevver was quick to respond and assembled a number of tutorials in our support knowledge base to address the questions they had and share...


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