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At Endevver we work with our clients not only in creating amazing web sites, but also in building great products the entire community can benefit from. Here is a collection of some of the many tools and plugins we have created with our clients. All of these plugins are open source and freely available to anyone for use on their web site.

Featured Plugin

Store Front - e-commerce made easy

Store Front Pic

The Store Front plugin adds the ability for people to define for use on their web site a collection of products which can be sold through a selection of payment processors, like PayPal or Google Checkout for the express purpose of allowing users to assemble a digital store front, or put a "pay wall" in front of select pieces of content quickly and easily using Movable Type or Melody.

Plus a hand full of others

  • Image Cropper

    Image Cropper Plugin for Movable Type and Melody

    A tool to help designers and editors create great looking web sites by giving them the ability to define and craft the perfect thumbnails for the images they use.

  • Asset Gallery

    Asset Gallery Screenshot (small)

    Create, manage and embed professional slideshows and galleries into your blog posts using Movable Type Pro.

  • PicApp

    PicApp Logo

    Put one of the largest and most professional image libraries at your fingertips to make your blog posts awesome.

  • Supr

    Supr Plugin for Movable Type

    Make your content more viral, share your blog posts with your friends or on Twitter. Make notifications a core part of your publishing workflow.

  • Full Screen Mode

    Full Screen Plugin for Movable Type and Melody

    Make editing fun again. Add a full screen mode and toggle button to your edit entry and edit template screens.

  • Expire Entries

    Expire Entries Plugin for Movable Type and Melody

    Need a post to disappear on a specific date. Just need it to go away? Then just like you can schedule something to publish, schedule it to unpublish.

  • Send to Publish Queue

    Send2PQ Promo Image

    Deploy site wide changes to your web site faster and more easily with Send2PQ!

  • Link to Theme

    Link to Theme Promo

    Eliminate the need to refresh templates and greatly enhance your experience in designing web sites using Movable Type.

  • Template Performance Profiler

    Template Profiler Promo Image

    Quickly diagnose your performance problems in Movable Type using the template profiler!

  • Template Optimizer


    Audit, preview recommendations and apply changes to your blog to make it publish faster!

  • Related Items


    Featured related entries on your web site with more editorial control.


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