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June 24, 2009

A New Partner and a New Product

For over two years, Endevver has been serving the Movable Type community as one of the leading independent consultancies for Movable Type and Movable Type Enterprise on the market. Since its founding, Endevver has:

  • Helped to redefine how people communicate both internally and externally in large corporations like Boeing, Wellpoint and Intel by deploying some of the largest and most customized blog-based publishing solutions of their kind.
  • Served as the primary Movable Type development shop for Adobe Systems, one of the pioneers and roles models for corporate blogging
  • Made sure its clients remain competitive by helping them take advantage of the latest products and technologies emerging from within the industry, as it did with Textura Design to make them the first web site to launch a blog powered by Six Apart's Motion product: Bike Hugger

Through all of this, I have enjoyed an incredible amount of success, built up an excellent client base and have collected a wonderful team of talented partners who make the Endevver engine run. The only real challenge I have had is my ability to meet the great demand that exists for Endevver's services.

Given that I work with many other firms and independent contractors alike to produce our client's cutting edge and beautiful sites, I certainly could just increase capacity by farming work out. However, I have always felt that it was absolutely critical that I be intimately involved with each project (usually as the primary developer and/or project manager) to ensure that my extremely high quality standards would always be met.

The end result is: There's never enough of me to go around.

Introducing new Endevver partner, Byrne Reese

Luckily, I've found another who shares my passion for quality, who matches my level of expertise, with whom I've already worked alongside for years and who brings to the table qualities I do not posses that complement my own. For all of these reasons, I am happy to announce that Byrne Reese has joined forces with me as a full partner in Endevver Consulting.

Byrne and I have long been friends, but what brought us together as partners was the realization that we could accomplish and help our clients accomplish so much more by working together, than we ever could working on our own. What makes that possible is simple: unparalleled expertise.

Together, we possess over thirteen years of experience using, working with and developing for Movable Type and, in fact, have defined its direction and daily progress for much of the past 4+ years. We have contributed numerous features to the core product and together we have released well over forty open source plugins and themes for the platform. Through all of this, we arguably possess, as a team, the greatest and deepest knowledge of Movable Type in the industry, outside of Six Apart.

What this means for our clients is simple:

  • More Services - With an even greater array of experience on board, we can begin delivering a wider variety of services to the Movable Type community.

  • Faster Time to Market - With more people working for you, we will be able to bring your products and web sites to market faster.

  • Greater Capacity - By expanding the Endevver team, we make it possible to service more clients across a greater spectrum of needs.

Melody: The First Fruit of Our Labor

Our work together has already culminated in a project we are immensely proud of: Melody.

Melody: Community Powered Publishing

We conceived of Melody in our initial conversations about working together. We decided it was something we should do not just because we love Movable Type and want to see it flourish, but because as professionals Melody presents the opportunity to us to provide a better and higher quality product to our customers. It also allows us to more easily deliver solutions more tightly tailored to meet our client's needs.

To make it happen, we quickly pulled together a dream team of many of the very same people that we work with as Endevver partners in our everyday client work as well as a few more who are leaders in the MT community and beyond. The results, we believe, speak for themselves.

We'll certainly talk more about Melody in the coming days, but I wanted to say now that Byrne and I are excited to make Endevver one of the first companies to officially offer support and services for both Melody and Movable Type. We are also incredibly proud to be a part of Melody community, as co-founders, as board members of the Open Melody Software Group and, most importantly, as contributors to an effort that we believe strongly will be a success.

Let Us Help You

The only thing remaining is this simple question, "what do you want to build today?"

Endevver can help.


Congrats to both of you. I’m eager to watch Endevver continue to grow.

Best, Mark

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