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August 14, 2009

A better way to produce images for your web site

At Endevver we take great pride in the products we build for our customers because we take great care in not just addressing the needs of our clients, but also the needs of the Movable Type and Melody communities as a whole. Nothing illustrates this better than our most recent plugin called Image Cropper.

In short Image Cropper addresses the problem web site producers have in creating and crafting the images they use on their web site to promote their content. Image Cropper enables producers to create a set of standard image sizes, crops and filters directly within Movable Type and Melody where they can be automatically applied when authors create their entries. This completely eliminates nearly all of the post-processing steps normally performed by complex tools like Photoshop.

Not only does this save time and money, but it helps every blogger produce a web site that looks as professional as those who commissioned and sponsored the development of this plugin: Talking Points Memo (an Endevver client). Check out the demo:

But Image Cropper is a tool not just for producers, it is a tool for designers as well. Similar to the suite of plugins we maintain and support, like Config Assistant, Custom CSS, Custom Header and more, Image Cropper exposes a simple config file-driven mechanism for theme designers to create and specify their own custom image sizes that Image Cropper can help users of the theme to produce.

Our ultimate goal here is to make Movable Type and Melody easier and more fun to use, but also to make it a tool that designers like to use because it helps them produce great products faster and cheaper.

To learn more, visit the Image Cropper homepage, which contains links to our documentation and our bug tracking system.

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