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November 30, 2009

Embed galleries into your blog posts using Asset Gallery

Endevver is happy to announce the release of the Asset Gallery plugin for Movable Type Pro. We are also happy to make this plugin available to the Movable Type community for free under an open source license. We believe in promoting open source software in all that we do because it provides the single best value for our clients, not only because they get high quality software with a lower cost of ownership over time, but because in working with us they help foster a vibrant community on top of the Movable Type platform.

The Asset Gallery plugin offers users the ability to embed one or more slideshows into a blog post, user profile, or page. Users have completely control over the titles and captions, as well as the ordering, for each image in a gallery or slideshow. To learn more about the plugin, visit its homepage, read its documentation, or watch the screencast!

Endevver would like to thank and invite everyone to thank the entire ChicagoNow team for agreeing to make the Asset Gallery plugin available under an open source license.

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