Send2PQ, a.k.a. "Send to Publish Queue"

Do you manage a large web site powered by Movable Type? Have you ever needed to republish the entire site, but couldn't afford to wait around for the pop-up window to indicate that it has finished? Well, the Send2PQ plugin may be just what you have been looking for without ever knowing it.

Send2PQ allows administrators to dispatch a web site's entire contents to the publish queue to be republished and refreshed. What's more is that it republished everything via the publish queue irrespective of the content's designed publishing mode. So even if you have a ton of content that is normally published statically, this will publish it in the background. In a nutshell, Send2PQ:

  • makes deployments of new site-wide updates to your web site faster and easier.
  • keeps interested and relevant parties updated on the status of the deployment.

Send to Publish Queue Screenshot



This plugin is installed in a manner similar to every other Movable Type plugin.


With a network of 200+ blogs, deploying template changes and updates used to take days. Now, using Send 2 PQ, I no longer wait for publishing progress bars. Gone are the days of frustrating mid-publish connection timeouts. I simply send everything to Publish Queue and wait for an email letting me know the job is complete. This plugin is a HUGE time-saver.

Ryan Nagle, ChicagoNow, Chicago Tribune


Send2PQ Page ActionThis plugin couldn't be simpler. To send a blog's contents to the publish queue navigate to "Templates" under the design menu. In the side rail on the right hand side you will see a section called "Actions." In that list you will see "Send to Publish Queue." Click that link to begin.

A dialog will appear in which you will be given the option to enter an email address (or more if separated by a comma) which will be notified when all of the blog's files have been republished successfully.

Send2PQ - job already on queue

You might also see a message indicating that a request to republish an entire blog has already been sent and has not yet completed. It is 100% safe to request another republishing of the web site's files, which will only result in the files that had already been published to be republished once more. This message is for informational purposes only.

About the Publish Queue

The "Publish Queue" is a feature in Movable Type, enabled by running the "run periodic tasks" script, that can publish the files of your web site offline and in a more scalable and stable manner. The publish queue is largely regarded as one of Movable Type's greatest assets since utilizing it can have more profound performance benefits than any other single feature.

» Learn more: Scalable Publishing Models


Send2PQ is an open source plugin that is supported and maintained by Endevver when we can. Please submit bugs and feature requests to lighthouse.


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