Installing the Store Front Plugin

Install the Store Front plugin just like any other Movable Type plugin. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Installing Movable Type Plugins to learn more.


Config Assistant

This plugin requires the Config Assistant plugin. Movable Type users will need to install this plugin separately from the URL below. Users of the Melody publishing system already have Config Assistant installed.

Business PayPal Account

Currently the only payment gateway supported is PayPal. To accept payments through PayPal, you will need to go to PayPal's web site an upgrade an existing account or register a new Business Account.

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July 25, 2011 2:13 PM

Google Sitemaps of all shapes and sizes

Recently a number of people in the Movable Type community asked questions relating to Google Sitemaps. Endevver was quick to respond and assembled a number of tutorials in our support knowledge base to address the questions they had and share...


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