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The plugin for Movable Type and Melody makes it easier than ever to share content you create with friends and family. Now, right from your edit screen you can post a status update directly to Twitter and/or Facebook. This makes status messaging a core part of your publishing workflow and not an after thought - and thus will make you more successful and your content more viral.

What's more, through the service you can easily host your own custom short URL that is unique to your own brand and identity! Status Editor


  • Automatically shorten your URLs using, or host your own short URL, e.g. http://ende.vr/jdshd.

  • View the full and short URL to your post and copy them to your clip board. URL Shortening

  • Post a status update to Facebook and/or Twitter directly from within Movable Type.

  • Repost a status update if you need to make an update.

  • Make your content easier for your friends to share with others by enabling the Stumble Upon browser bar in your shared links. People who visit your link will then be able to retweet or share it on Twitter and Facebook and elsewhere.

  • Access realtime statistics about click through rates on shared links at



This plugin is installed in a manner similar to every other Movable Type plugin.


To setup the plugin after it has been installed, navigate to "Plugins" under the Tools menu. Select Supr from the list of plugins and click "Settings." Then select your options and at a minimum enter your API Key and username. Hint text underneath the other options should help you know what to do.

Setting up the Plugin

Custom Short URLs

If you want to host your very own custom short URLs, please consult's official documentation.


This plugin by Endevver was created in close partnership with MT Hacks, another premiere Movable Type consulting company.


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