Template Optimizer

Speed up publishing, streamline saving, and improve your blog visitor's experience with the Template Optimizer plugin for Movable Type and Melody by optimizing the publishing of your installation:

  • Select the best publishing method for each template.
  • Use caching and server side includes.
  • Ensure your blog conforms to known best practices.

Template Optimizer Screenshot

This plugin helps Movable Type and Melody users to optimize the publishing of their installation by analyzing and optimizing a blog's templates in the following manner:

  • Analyze the publishing and template options for every template associated with a blog.
  • Preview a set of recommended changes the plugin would like to make.
  • Select the specific changes to apply and then to apply them.

This plugin looks at the following criteria (depending upon the template) to see in what ways a blog conforms to known best practices:

  • Are your index templates published using the appropriate method? For example, are stylesheets and javascript files set to publish "manually." Are archive index files set to publish via your publish queue? Etc.
  • Are archive mappings set to publish appropriately?
  • Are widgets properly cached?
  • Are template modules using server side includes properly?


The latest version of Template Optimizer can always be downloaded directly from github.


This plugin is installed in a manner similar to every other Movable Type plugin.


This plugin's capabilities are accessed from the System's Manage Blogs screen. Select the blogs in the table that you want to analyze, then select "Optimize" from the action bar's pull down menu. Then click "Go."

The subsequent screen will display a listing of the findings the plugin has made. Select the ones you would like to apply to your templates and click the "Apply" button in the action bar.

You will then be returned to your Manage Blogs page.

Learn More

Template Optimizer can make changes to your templates based on known best practices and makes these recommendations based on how many sites function, as well as by what Endevver has helped many customers do themselves. However, the topics of publishing methods, caching and server side includes are complex, and while Template Optimizer is likely to help most blogs, it is not a guaranteed fix to all performance problems.

To learn more about the topics Template Optimizer leverages consult the following documentation all written by Byrne Reese of Endevver:

If your blog is having performance problems, and documentation, plugins and other do-it-yourself techniques do not seem to help, we strongly recommend you contact a professional.

License and Support

Template Optimizer is an open source plugin licensed under the GPLv2 that is supported and maintained by Endevver when we can. For help, please visit our support web site.


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